Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects


Behind its original, 1920s brick façade the HQ of the Australian Performing Rights Association is an integrated re-think of a structure from last century, equipping it to deal in an exemplary manner with its future. A fully sustainable building, it is now naturally ventilated, digitally illuminated and alimented with re-used rain water; it’s ESD creds are  fully intact.



Whilst few structural alterations have been undertaken to the façade, the interior has been significantly reconfigured to equip the building for its new function as a dynamic centre for the Entertainment industry. A void has been knocked through the core of the structure, creating a thermal chimney to enhance air flow, and allowing information flow across newly created sight lines.


Ceilings have been stripped, to reinforce the rustic aspect of the structure; floors, meanwhile have been raised to accommodate wiring and other circuitry, thus leaving surfaces unencumbered. Colour has been restricted to a strict palette of white for joinery and workstations,  charcoal for wall paneling and a bold rust-toned carpet –  the warm reflected light gained from the floor surface counters the effect of fluorescent lighting.


Breakout stations, lounge areas and eating zones are scattered over all floors of  the building, fostering a relaxed approach to a rigourous profession. On the rooftop, a penthouse boardroom and private dining room allow for executive entertaining; at ground floor, a street-level café is open to the public, fostering a sense of excitement and community. Completed 2009.



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