Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects


This four story boat continues the design ethos of SDS by employing pure geometric forms to create a functional and sleek object. The simplicity of the design is the result of a rigorous design development process in concert with client and specialist nautical consultants. Starship Sydney sets a new benchmark for charter vessels on Sydney Harbour. Its sleek design, column free open spaces and simple form clearly articulate a palette of complimentary materials that are simple and direct, respond to the harsh environment, and allow a feeling of openness, transparency and lightness.


Its presence on the harbour is refined, elegant and timeless. Enclosing the main deck and forming the balustrade for the lounge deck above, the grey body-tinted glass skin continues the length of the boat from the inclined bow, incorporating a frameless glass ‘windscreen’, to twin angled and cantilevered blades terminating at the stern. This continuous glass skin offers protection while permitting uninterrupted views of Sydney harbour throughout the main public areas of the boat. Behind this glass screen, a tinted blade, raked to follow the angle of the stairs, is branded with the refracted Starship Sydney signage – a dynamic graphic identity for the vessel. Completed 2007.



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