Smart Design Studio - Sydney Architects

East Darling Harbour

SDS entered the international Design competition to rethink the old stevedore site at East Darling Harbour. The master plan was designed with a focus on the public domain and the buildings and how they connect people to the water’s edge. We achieved this by placing the park on the rooftop of the low-rise buildings. This sculpted roof plane is 5-7 stories high at the waters edge, allowing the occupants to experience a  genuine waterfront address, yet appears as parkland from the city.


The green roof integrated water-sensitive design by using local storm-water run-off to water the gardens, which in turn filter the water before release into Sydney’s waterways. In addition to this tidal cranes, which hark back to the sites former use, animated and lit the water’s edge and a wind farm on the peninsula generates power for the site.

SDS’s design, which sought to capitalize on the rare opportunity of a large public commission, was exhibited at Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art. Designed 2005.


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