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Central Park West



MIPIM Awards Best Innovative Green Building 2015 Winner

UDIA NSW High Density Development 2014 Winner

UDIA NSW Design & Innovation 2014 Winner

Urban Taskforce Australia Development Excellence Awards Development of the Year 2014 Winner

IDEA Awards Residential Multi 2014 Commendation

The West Tower of the Central Park development is a 16-floor, 230-apartment complex aimed at the discerning urban consumer. We responded to the brief for compact yet refined living environments by developing the concept of ‘high-speed luxury’. Inspired by the streamlined sophistication and high-gloss allure of performance sports cars and motor yachts, the interiors reference not only the fine detailing of bespoke bodywork but also the ingenuity of these vehicles in successfully marrying a sense of high luxury with compact, efficient design.


Four distinct interior options were developed, visually anchored in each case by the articulated ‘Pod’ wall, which is offered in lacquered orange, latte gloss, and oak or walnut veneers. All other interiors surface treatments are extrapolated from these curvilinear Pods which not only effectively reference the bodywork of a car or boat, but also contain the apartments’ functional components: kitchen, laundry, bathroom, storage, air-conditioning and services. The use of brilliant polyurethane paneling, luxurious timber veneers, rounded joinery and chrome trim all underscore the ‘high-speed luxury’design philosophy.



Taken as a whole, the design embraces compact living by giving acute consideration to the arrangement of key components, and in doing so elevates small space execution to the highest possible standard. This spatial concept, repeated throughout the West Tower at Central Park, spearheads a new design ethos: luxury, bespoke treatment applied to a large-scale, multi-unit development.




In the common areas, ‘high-speed luxury’ is communicated via graphic, tyre-patterned carpets in the corridors, which seem to recede into the darkened distance of each floor. In the double-height lobby, three massive LED lightboxes (one forming the desk, one its backdrop and the other enveloping the bulkhead itself) display artworks depicting lush forest settings in vibrant colours that reflect in the black glass walls and the highly-polished floors, as they alternate.  A beautifully packaged machine for not just living, but living it up! Completed 2013.


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