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The sculpted building form of Grafton 59 is a response to the panoramic harbour views for the occupants and their neighbours. It is a 19-storey mixed use building in Bondi Junction with commercial tenancies on the lower levels, 63 generously sized apartments, a gym on Level 4 and a communal open space on the roof top. Coloured precast concrete is the predominant external façade material, chosen for its durability to minimise long-term maintenance.



The building is modulated by gently scalloping away from the street frontages along the podium façade and tower above. On the southern side, it is split into two slender parallel forms flanking a central corridor.  Apart from enabling natural light and ventilation into the corridor, this arrangement breaks down the tower mass on the narrow lane frontage.

The scalloped form is expressed both in the macro and micro scale, from the overall building form to the detailing of the precast spandrels. Within the scalloped spandrels, angled privacy screens articulate the façade whilst directing residents’ outlook. Vertical balusters at the perimeter of the balconies are integrated into the profiled precast slab edges and spandrels.  The concave form of these structural elements provide repetition and modulation through contrast of light and shade.

A sustainable approach was adopted through passive design initiatives, advanced technologies and self-sufficiency. Environmental design principles include high performance glazing and insulation, rooftop PV panels, rainwater harvesting and non-potable reuse, water efficient fixtures and fittings and car share. Facades invite winter sun to penetrate whilst blocking summer sun, and the design maximises cross ventilation and solar access to as many apartments as possible.


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